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Foundations Church | Lafayette, Louisiana
Building a biblical community one family at a time.

To make things simple, we have provided a way for you to give online.

Tithing and giving demonstrates our obedience, generosity and gratitude to our Lord!  We give as a statement of God’s ownership of all our assets.(Psalm 24:1) and as an act of worship toward our gracious and generous God.(2 Cor 9:12) We see the Biblical example of a 10% tithe as a general guiding amount: a goal for the beginning giver and a milestone to pass on the way to generous giving for the mature believer.(Gen 14:20) Giving should be a joyous response to God’s grace and generosity toward the giver.  It is not a meritorious act to earn God’s favor.(2 Cor 9:7) We believe that our gifts to the Lord will draw our hearts to Him. (Matt 6:24)

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